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Our History

The Bagel Company has been a Helena icon since 1994. It started out in the old Johnston's Motors building in downtown Helena. Over the years, the building has seen many changes, including a dealership, an automotive repair shop and appliance sales. The Bagel Company was started in 1994 while the building was still an automotive repair shop. The bakery was in the front of the store, while the collision repair took place in the back. Soon the Bagel Company became the sole occupant and has since expanded to a second location on 11th Avenue. 

In 2022, the Bagel Company changed ownership to another Helena native family, the Woods. Karen and Kenny along with their 3 sons frequented the Bagel Company on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. The Bagel Company has been like a second home and a place where friends and family can come together to laugh, cry, and enjoy good food. They hope to continue the legacy that began many years ago. 


Our Products

Here at the Bagel Company all of our bagel dough, cream cheese, and baked goods are made in house. Our bagels are New York style, meaning we briefly boil the dough before baking them in the oven. This gives the bagels a thick, golden-brown crust while still allowing them to rise. 

Our coffee beans are sourced locally through Galaxy Roasting. We can make any coffee drink to your heart's desire, from a cold brew to the more complex lattes and espressos. 

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